World Hepatitis Day 2022


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Every year on July 28th, Society for Inclusion and Development in Communities and Care for All (SIDC) observes World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness about hepatitis B and C infection. In this regard, SIDC’s two centers offer free Hep B and C testing as well as free Hep B vaccination.

SIDC’s outreach team diagnoses hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV, through its mobile unit, focusing on the most vulnerable groups, including injecting drug users.

The Escale Center – SIDC also provides free counseling, and a specialized medical examination and appropriate treatment for those infected with the virus.

Despite some obstacles, such as a lack of medicine for all Lebanese infected people and the inability of foreigners in Lebanon to obtain medicine for free or buy it due to its high cost, the Ministry of Public Health contributes to the harm reduction program by providing free rapid tests for hepatitis B and C and vaccinations for hepatitis B.

We focused on the importance of testing this year, with the goal of raising awareness on Hepatitis B and C facts, symptoms, modes of transmission, and prevention.

Because Hepatitis A is spreading in Lebanon, we launched a social media campaign about prevention, hygiene, and treatment.

SIDC provides free Hepatitis B and C testing as well as Hepatitis B vaccine.

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