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World AIDS Day 2022: Tell a friend!

Along with World AIDS Day, which is observed on December 1st each year, SIDC has launched the “Tell a Friend” campaign, with the support of MENAHRA, to raise awareness about the necessity of HIV testing, condom use, and treatment.

SIDC collaborated on this campaign with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health’s National AIDS Program by releasing a video on HIV testing in the field, showing the awareness provided to people so they could be educators to their friends and tell them all HIV relevant information.

According to the National AIDS Program in Lebanon’s estimates, there are 3,108 people diagnosed with HIV in Lebanon by the end of November 2022, of whom about 92% are male and 6% are female, and 2,122 people on treatment.

SIDC works to expand access to HIV testing in several areas of Lebanon, including Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Akkar, and Bekaa, and to highlight and document all types of violations that people living with HIV face in Lebanon, such as abuse, stigma, and discrimination.

Furthermore, we prioritize enhancing and promoting an inclusive environment for PLHIV.

SIDC has also been supporting people living with HIV since 1994. In addition, we offer case management, counseling, and mental health support.

Helpline: 70498229

“Tell a friend” Video:                    

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