World AIDS Day 2021: Get Back ON Track!

Along with World AIDS Day, which falls on December 1 each year, SIDC has launched “Back on Track” campaign as a call to remember the importance of prevention form HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, condom use, testing and treatment.

SIDC joined this campaign launched by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health – National AIDS Program in partnership with all the Lebanese AIDS Network Association (LANA) members by releasing a video on how to break down all the barriers caused by COVID-19, move forward and get back on the track!

According to the estimates of the National AIDS Program in Lebanon, there are 2,885 persons diagnosed with HIV in Lebanon till the end of November 2021, of whom about 95% are male and 5% are female, and 1,941 people are on treatment.

Today, SIDC works to highlight and document all kinds of violations that people living with HIV face in Lebanon, such as abuse, stigma and discrimination.

We also stress the need to promote a more inclusive environment for PLHIV and intensify efforts made among all concerned sectors in society.

Furthermore, SIDC has been supporting people living with HIV since 1994. We provide case management, counseling and mental health support.

Helpline: 70498229

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