Who We Are

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A safe and health society free of stigma and discrimination where key populations’ human rights are fully respected.

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To commit to providing equitable access to healthcare and improve the quality of life of key populations in partnership with them through harm reduction and healthcare services, advocacy, networking, and capacity building for NGOs at the national and regional level.

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SIDC Is a member of the World Hepatitis Alliance, founding member in the Regional Arab Network against AIDS (RANAA) and The Lebanese AIDS Network Association LANA.

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Scale up access & quality of care & treatment services for adolescents, youth, key population (LGBT, female and males sex workers), women, people living with HIV (PLHIV) and people who use drugs (PWUD), to comprehensive services
Provide psychological support, awareness and peer to peer education sessions, treatment for STI/HIV/AIDS/HBV/HCV, case management and substance use and mental health services
Outreach activities through mobile unit services for awareness raising on topics related to sexual and reproductive health and drug use, harm reduction material distribution and provision of counseling and testing services
Document human rights violations against PLHIV, drug users, women and key populations to advocate for their rights using the collected evidence
Decrease stigma and discrimination related to sexuality, STIs/HIV/AIDS/HBV and HCV substance use and risky behaviors adopted by key populations through partnering with religious leaders, law enforcement bodies, policy makers and media..
Our Beneficiaries (Lebanese and non Lebanese):
Adolescents and Youth / KPs: Sex workers, PWUDs, PLHIV, LGBT / Women / Domestic workers / Migrants and Asylum Seekers / Prisoners / Care Providers / General public