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SIDC’s Monkeypox Awareness Campaign: Empowering Communities with Vital Information

In a period where public health awareness is critical to community safety, SIDC has made an important step towards raising awareness about M-POX. The SIDC team were trained with the National AIDS Program (NAP) to be able to disseminate appropriate messages.

As result SIDC as part of its commitment to public health, we have launched an extensive social media awareness campaign to educate individuals and communities about monkeypox, its prevention, and early identification. Below describes SIDC’s initiatives and provides links to more resources.

Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that can infect humans. The disease can manifest with flu-like symptoms, followed by a characteristic rash, and can be serious. Early detection and knowledge about prevention measures are crucial in controlling its spread.

SIDC’s Monkeypox Awareness Campaign                    

SIDC has launched a multifaceted monkeypox awareness campaign on various social media platforms to reach a wide audience. The campaign focuses on the following key aspects:

Sharing of informative posts about monkeypox, covering its symptoms, modes of transmission, and preventive measures. These posts were designed to provide easily understandable information to the general public.

The messages emphasize on the importance of personal hygiene, proper hand washing, and vaccination where applicable. They provide practical tips on reducing the risk of infection.

Community engagement was key for a successful campaign: asking questions, sharing stories, and engaging key vulnerable groups in spreading awareness within their communities were done.

To further assist our audience in gaining comprehensive knowledge about monkey pox, SIDC shared a list of useful links:

1. [Link to WHO’s Monkeypox Information]: ( ): The World Health Organization (WHO) provides in-depth information about monkeypox, including its global status, prevention, and control.

2. [CDC Monkeypox Fact Sheet]: ( The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a detailed fact sheet covering various aspects of monkeypox, including symptoms and treatment.

3. [SIDC’s M-POX Social Media Campaign]:   (

Remember, knowledge is the start to protect ourselves from infectious diseases, and together, we can make a difference and ensure a healthiest community and the communities. Stay informed, stay safe.

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