Lebanese companies and organizations are paving the way for LGBTQ+-inclusive workplaces

What does LGBTQ+ stand for? What’s the difference between transgender and transsexual? How can LGBTQ+ individuals protect themselves from violations? What are the types of harassment that they face at work? How can we fight those harassments?

These are just a sample of the questions that were answered during a series of virtual trainings organized by SIDC for employees working in several private-sector companies and organizations in Lebanon.


Introduction to concepts pertaining to SOGI and human rights

The trainees were introduced to and familiarized with a variety of concepts pertaining to gender and sexual identity, human rights, and ways to combat violence/harassment at the workplace.

More specifically, the main subjects covered were:

  • Introduction to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI): terms, concepts and definitions and addressing common misconceptions and stereotypes about SOGI and the LGBTI community.
  • Introduction to human rights and human rights violations: exploring the Lebanese laws, the types of harassment, stigma and discrimination that marginalized populations face, especially the LGBTI community and their human and employment rights.
  • The elimination of violence and harassment in the world of Work.

The 4-day trainings were the beginning of a journey for numerous high-profile retail groups and non-governmental organizations – namely Azadea Group, Holdal Group, Beesline, Spinneys, Mercy Corps, Rene Moawad Foundation, Blue Mission, Médecins du Monde and SHEILD. This journey will potentially pave the way for LGBT-friendly workplaces in Lebanon in the future.




More trainings to come

More trainings will take place during the month of September, introducing the aforementioned organizations to the concept of advocacy, in addition to all the know-how relevant to establishing advocacy & communication campaigns.

Afterwards, the organizations will propose communication campaigns to a panel that will select 3 to 5 of the highest-scoring proposals. The selected proposals will receive a sub-grant to implement their nationwide communication campaign that aims to promote the rights of the LGBTI community and promote a positive representation of them.

The trainings are part of the “Enhancing the Inclusivity of the LGBTI community in Workplaces in Lebanon” project funded by the European Union and executed by SIDC in partnership with ACTED.