SPEAK UP for the rights of People Living with HIV
Human rights & HIV monitoring system for law reform in Lebanon

This is the first phase of the project conducted by SIDC, Vivre Positif (VP), and a coalition of 14 NGOs in 2016 with the help of the US Embassy and MEPI.
Using a qualitative analysis, the study is based on data generated from 25 in-depth interviews with PLHIV that reported various violations in settings such as healthcare, family and friends, community, workplace, and governmental settings.

Three areas of interest were identified to work on towards an advocacy strategy: remove HIV testing from pre-employment requirements, address unethical medical practices, and remove HIV from insurance companies’ exclusion criteria, all of which had negative repercussions on the PLHIV livelihood, and thus their health. 

Speak UP – Know Get Your Rights -16

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