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Social and financial Barriers to accessing HIV services in Lebanon – 2022

Within the framework of the Global Fund “Nadoum Programme”, SIDC mapped out the social and financial barriers that key populations (KPs) and PLHIV face before or while they access HIV preventative, secondary, and tertiary care services in Lebanon, with the aim of describing the existing data and highlighting the gaps available relating to these barriers which can result in suggesting recommendations that will ensure national coverage in Lebanon.

The desk review was informed by a search of available peer-reviewed and grey literature, reports, and web-based information relevant to existing social barriers that prevent KPs and PLHIV from accessing HIV services.  In parallel, a qualitative study design was employed via 14 In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with KPs and PLHIV to understand their perceptions and experiences with HIV services in Lebanon and to explore the research question in depth. The data were then analyzed by recurring themes and emerging patterns. 

Social and Financial Barriers Mapping

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