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SIDC responding to high demand for mental health support

Your Mental Health Matters: take care of your mental health and know where to get psychological support services.

Economic crisis? COVID-19 epidemic? Lebanon today is going through multiple crises that contribute to a noticeable increase in the need for mental health support from people, especially among youth between 14 and 28 years old.

SIDC is now offering free mental health support to everyone including women, girls, youth, and individuals from the LGBTQ + community.

Due to the high demand, SIDC has expanded its mental health team to become composed of 20 psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors who provide psychosocial support. The mental health team offers the sessions for individuals in the center and remotely.

“Thinking about the future and plans stresses me out especially in a country like Lebanon. Should I leave, what will I work? This makes me very anxious.” (20-year-old female)

Your mental health Matters

Several social media campaigns and posts have been launched throughout the beginning of 2020 on SIDC’s social media platforms Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. The main goal is to increase the population’s awareness of mental health disorders, stigma, psychosocial stress, bullying, etc. … and encourage people to speak up and seek psychological support and help.

Mental Health in Lebanon

According to numbers from the Lebanese National Mental Health Program in Lebanon, as is the case globally, mental disorders are a common health condition. 1 in 4 people can experience a mental disorder in their life. However, despite the high prevalence of the disease, only 1 out of 10 persons with mental health conditions access the care they need. This is due to many factors including largely the stigma around mental health. This stigma is mainly caused by many common misconceptions about mental health and it forms a barrier for people to talk about and seek help. Lack of knowledge on mental health also prevents people from realizing that what they are going through is a mental health condition that they could seek care for.

Just talk to us!

Our mental Health Helpline (76028221) is always available to respond to all situations, you can also contact us through Instagram or Facebook to book your appointment. Do not forget that we are here to listen with all respect and confidentiality.

Mental health is an integral part of health. There is no health without mental health”- WHO

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