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SIDC Celebrated Valentine’s Day with Love, Safety, and Condoms in 2024!

Safety was in the air this Valentine’s Day! We made sure it was a safe and respectful celebration for everyone. While we embraced the passion and intimacy of the day, we remembered the importance of safe sex practices and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

By highlighting the importance of sexual health, and  prioritizing it as a key part of each relationship, we encouraged people to use condoms consistently and correctly during their sexual encounters, knowing it is one of the best ways to protect themselves and each other.

Our social media campaign served as a valuable reminder on where to access condoms, proper usage ways, and additional prevention methods.

Condoms acted as barriers against STIs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, offering both physical protection. We understood that they might not cover all areas or prevent skin-to-skin transmission of some infections. That’s why open communication and regular testing were also vital components of our sexual health.

This Valentine’s Day, we showed our love in more ways than one.

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day wasn’t just about grand gestures or gifts; it was about the connections we shared and the moments we cherished together. We celebrated safely and respectfully!

Celebrate Safely With Us!

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