SIDC 2021 Annual Report

For over 30 years, SIDC has been working tirelessly to support the vulnerable populations through providing free social, health and mental-health services, implementing outreach and life-skills activities, conducting studies to address the needs of the KPs and advocating for law reforms to reduce stigma and discrimination against vulnerable individuals.

The past years were challenging which multiplied everyone’s needs including the vulnerable populations’. On that account, SIDC increased the provision of psycho-social, health, outreach and educational services and supported more than 25,000 Lebanese and non-Lebanese individuals during the year 2021.

Thanks to the generous donors’ support in addition to our partners’ trust and the professionalism and hard work of SIDC’s team, we were able to overcome the overall challenges and succeed in providing support and achieving humanitarian goals and objectives.

This report demonstrates SIDC’s dedication, commitment and growth during the year 2021.

SIDC 2021 Annual Report

With SIDC’s new identity for the year 2022, we look forward to more inclusivity, more development and more success, as we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their health and human rights and fulfill their potentials in a society free of stigma and discrimination.

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