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SEE FAMILIES: A Flyer to Support, Educate, Engage FAMILIES of adolescents and youth substance users

For the past 35 years, SIDC has been concerned for the health of young people in Lebanon, especially the most marginalized groups among them. SIDC has been involved in providing a comprehensive package of services within and outside (through the mobile unit) the center. These services include mental health, sexual and reproductive health, prevention and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and AIDS, drug addiction and related harm reduction services and legal services.

The harm reduction program services are delivered in a separate center called Escale which is a drop-in and harm reduction and treatment center for substance use. These services are run by a multidisciplinary team responsible for providing various services among which are individual and group educational sessions for people who use drugs and their parents.

Engaging parents in the treatment and harm reduction course of their children has been an important and challenging component for the Escale team. Therefore and in order to capture and to build upon Escale-SIDC’s experience, the team suggested the development of a flyer guide as one of the activities planned in the ImPOWER project supported and funded by UNICEF in the year 2019-2020.

SIDC commends on the role of parents in any program addressing people who use drugs and SEE FAMILIES brochure was developed for this purpose.

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