Work ethics

We respect people regardless of their origins, religion or values. We ensure the respect of their rights and their integrity. We guarantee confidentiality and anonymity for every person who benefits from our services.

Transparency of donations

An annual financial report is published in order to guarantee the transparency of our services and to follow up on your donations.

Community engagement and responsibility

We are committed to our community to act on the ground, by collaborating with the different NGOs and alongside the most vulnerable populations, through prevention and awareness campaigns, and by providing access to our services.


Our work is based on associative work that is available for everyone. Our association does not depend on any public, private or religious organization. We choose our programs based on the community needs.

Dynamic, diversity and complementarities

Our team intervenes on different levels. We act on the ground as well as in private settings to offer care and full information and step in, on a national level, by advocating for equality in care.

Ongoing training

Our team commits to always be up-to-date in order to provide the best interventions possible for the people frequenting our centers.