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Inclusion Policy

(X) is committed to creating an equal and inclusive work environment. Equal opportunity employment will be available regardless of gender, disability status, sexual orientation, and human immunodeficiency virus (“HIV”) status, among others.

Physical and virtual workplaces will be accessible, and reasonable accommodation will be provided. (X) will not tolerate any discrimination against persons with disabilities, whether it was physical or mental disability, and/or against people living with HIV, and/or against women, and/or against LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and transgender, intersexual, queer) individuals.

People will be treated with dignity and respect. The work environment will be free of intentional and unintentional discrimination.
(X) will monitor its workplaces environment, and if needed, review on-the-job conditions to enhance, to the best of its capacity, the employees’ inclusiveness.

This commitment is made towards potential, current, and previous employees. This commitment survives the employment contracts. It is a commitment to abide by national laws such as the Labor Law of 1946, the Code of Obligations and Contracts of 1932, and the Law No. 220 related to the rights of persons with disabilities and other relevant legal texts, and it is a commitment to add to the legal protection offered by those texts. It is to be read, interpreted, and implemented as complementary to (X) other policies and internal codes.

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