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Documentation of Human Rights Violations against
Women Engaged in Sex for Money (WSM)

This study was conducted through a coalition of CSOs and institutions who work directly or indirectly with Women Engaged in Sex for Money (WSM) – Dar El Amal and AJEM – with the objectives of documenting cases of abuse / violations WSM have been subjected to in healthcare/social centers; and to identify potential policy changes/ recommendation for long-term advocacy at the level of institutional policies in healthcare/social service centers. 

These CSOs conducted the interviews with a convenient random sample of 50 adult WSM based on the inclusion criteria; being above the age of 18 years old, from any nationality residing in Lebanon, has more than one

intimate partner, engages in sex for money or other benefits, has faced a violation or abuse in a healthcare or social services center, and could be a drug user, a migrant, or a member of the LGBTI community.

The study revealed that WSM in Lebanon are stigmatized and discriminated against because of their occupation, and four types of violations and abuses that these women face in these centers were identified: denial of care, humiliation, psychological abuse, and blaming, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.

Documentation of Human Rights Vilations against WSM

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