“Assessing the State of the Workplace of Private Sector Companies and Organizations and their Ability to Become More Inclusive and LGBTI Friendly”

This study was drafted for the fulfilment of the project

“Enhancing the Inclusivity of the LGBTI Community in Workplaces in Lebanon” and aimed at assessing the attitudes towards the LGBTQI+ community within the Lebanese private sector, as well as their inclusivity as companies of the private sector.

Following a thorough literature review and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with companies from different sectors, the scorecards were formulated based on the data gathered during the FGDs, specifically in order to better understand and address the employment issues and constraints faced by the LGBTI community in the workplace. As such, the scorecard included questions that revolved around the following indicators: hiring process, work environment, social views of colleagues and level of tolerance to LGBTQI+ issues at the surveyed workplaces, adequacy of any existing policies relating to anti-discrimination, et cetera.

7 companies and 6 local and international NGOs were identified and invited to electronically fill out the scorecards during the month of February 2021, where in total 24 employers and 136 employees across all surveyed sectors participated.

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