SIDC Board

Alfred Nehme


Nadia Badran

Executive Director

Saleh Srour

Financial Director

Souheil Jouni

Adminstrative director

Perla Khalil

Medical and Social Care Director

Caroline Makhoul

Public Relations and Media Director

SIDC Staff

Nadia Badran

Executive Director

President of the Syndicate of the Specialists in Social Work in Lebanon

Masters in Medical Counseling

Bachelor in Social Medical Work

Founding Member of Vivre Positif

Staff since 1993

Knowledge Hub Manager since October 2013

Nina Richa

Financial and Administrative Manager

Former Member of SIDC Board

Technical Certificate in Management Sciences

Staff since 1987

May Francis


Staff since 2009

Nassam Dgheim

Communication Officer

Staff since April 2015

Rita Wahab

Coordinator of HIV Program

General Secretary of Vivre Positif

Staff since 2009

Aleen Aoun

Medical Social Worker

Psychosomatic Counselor

Staff since 2014

Lara Chammaa

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Staff since 2017

Maria Helayel

Medical Social Worker

Staff since June 2017

Rania Ramlawi

Project Coordinator

Staff since January 2017

Grace Rahhal

Research and Development Officer

 Staff since 2020

Dr. Athar Halabi

Psychiatrist – Addiction psychiatrist

Staff since March 2017

Patrick Farah

VCT Officer

Staff since 2019

Bernadette Achy

Registered Nurse

Staff since January 2015

Cynthia Skaff

Social Worker

Staff since 2020