pink colored condoms for SIDC Lebanon campaign 2021

All you need to know about male condoms!

  • Using condoms correctly and consistently is an effective way to prevent HIV and most of STIs.
  • Using two condoms at once will not provide you with double the protection but will cause friction between the condoms and increase the chance of ripping.
  • Use condoms during all types of sexual intercourse including oral sex to prevent certain STIs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes. If you cannot commit to the use of a condom during oral sex, make sure to avoid brushing your teeth, gargling with alcohol or swallowing the ejaculation fluid. And if you notice that your partner has symptoms such as a rash, sores or warts in the genital area, abstain from having sex.
  • Don’t use lotion or oil-based lubricants to avoid ripping of the condom.
  • Don’t place the condom in a hot area such as the car or in a back pocket and don’t expose it to direct sun rays as the heat can damage it.
  • Like any other product, check the expiration date before using a condom.
  • Some individuals think that using a condom reduces sexual pleasure and sensation. However, there are always other ways to guarantee pleasure during sexual intercourse.
  • The price of condoms is always cheaper than contracting any sexually transmitted infection.
  • Don’t rely on contraceptive pills to protect you from sexually transmitted infection, only a condom can protect you.
  • You can always choose not to use a condom but always make sure that you and your partner do not carry any sexually transmitted infection. And if you notice that you have any symptoms such as sores or warts in the genital area, abstain from having sex. To make sure, visit our sexual health clinic to carry out tests for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and C and syphilis.
  • Characteristics of an effective condom:
    • Made from latex
    • Valid expiry date
    • Made from a water-based lubricant
    • Electronically tested and stamped with ET
  • Unjustifiable excuses for not using a condom
    • “I don’t have one right now”
    • “My partner is a decent person”
    • “The condom is too tight and doesn’t fit comfortably”
    • “I don’t know how to put it on”
    • “I feel embarrassed to buy a condom”
    • “I’m afraid to ask my partner to use a condom”
  • If you doubt it, test it! To know your status, visit us for a rapid test at our sexual health clinic.

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