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A safe and health society free of stigma and discrimination where key populations’ human rights are fully respected.


SIDC’s mission is to contribute to equity access and improve key populations quality of life in partnership with them through harm reduction and healthcare services, advocacy, networking, and capacity building for NGOs at the national and regional level.


Human Rights Unit

  • Documentation of human rights violations against PLHIV
  • Advocacy and legal support
  • Research


Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic

  • STI/HIV/AIDS/HBV/HCV anonymous & free diagnosis, treatment and counseling
  • Healthcare services provision: mental health, STI specialists, blood tests ect..


  • Social support and follow-up
  • Home visits
  • Peer education for PLHIV
  • Individual, couple and group counseling
  • Treatment literacy
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Capacity building workshops for care providers, religious leaders, media professionals, police officers

Addiction Center – L’Escale: A Specialized Harm Reduction Center of Substance Abuse

  • Opioid substitution therapy
  • Multidisciplinary harm reduction approach: mental & sexual health services

Outreach Program – Mobile Unit

  • Key populations: LGBT, PLHIV, Drug Users

Regional Knowledge Hub Center

  • Capacity development (local & regional) on harm reduction services/programs in the MENA region
  • Training provision for health care providers in relevant topics: sexual & reproductive health / substance abuse / harm reduction / ethics ect..
  • Involvement in research with international organization & academic institutions


  • Scale up access & quality of care & treatment services for adolescents, youth, key population (LGBT, female and males sex workers), women, people living with HIV (PLHIV) and people who use drugs (PWUD), to comprehensive services
  • Provide psychological support, awareness and peer to peer education sessions, treatment for STI/HIV/AIDS/HBV/HCV, case management and substance use and mental health services
  • Outreach activities through mobile unit services for awareness raising on topics related to sexual and reproductive health and drug use, harm reduction material distribution and provision of counseling and testing services
  • Document human rights  violations against PLHIV, drug users, women and key populations to advocate for their rights using the collected evidence
  • Decrease stigma and discrimination related to sexuality, STIs/HIV/AIDS/HBV and HCV substance use and risky behaviors adopted by key populations through partnering with religious leaders, law enforcement bodies, policy makers and media..
  • Our Beneficiaries (Lebanese and non Lebanese):
  • Adolescents and Youth
  • KPs: Sex workers, PWUDs, PLHIV, LGBT
  • Women
  • Domestic workers
  • Migrants and Asylum Seekers
  • Prisoners
  • Care Providers
  • General public

Our Partners and Donors:

  • Partners :

NGOs: World Vision, INTERSOS, Caritas Migrant, INSAN association, AMEL, Makhzoumi Foundation, El Makassed, Dar el Amal, YMCA, Helem, OPV, KAFA, ABAAD, NGO forum Saida, جمعية الإخوة الفلسطينيين, SHAHAMA (Group of Religious Leaders involved in the HIV and harm Reduction initiative), ANERA, etc..

Ministries: Ministry of Social Affairs, Program of Reproductive Health, Ministry of Health, National AIDS Program, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, etc..

Universitites: AUB (public health department, USJ (ELFS), Sagesse University (Research Center), etc ..

Syndicates and Orders: order of Nurses, order of Mid-wife, order of social workers, order of dentist, order of hospitals, order of physicians, etc..


  • Donors:

International NGOs: USAID, International Alliance against AIDS (from 2005-end 2015), Drosos foundation (2008-2010), MENAHRA (2012- continued), MACAIDS Fund (2014-2015- in progress), Catholic Relief Services (2011-2013), Gilead Institution, etc…



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