Our History

SIDC first started its work in 1987 as a nursing home that provides health services with a prime goal to improve the disrupted societal context following the civil war in Lebanon. This has been achieved by responding to the needs of poor and sick people and by working on protecting the human rights. SIDC was officially registered 9 /a in 1990.

In 1994, SIDC incorporated several programs including diabetes program, as well as the educational program regarding drug abuse, AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, school health and environmental health. Moreover, SIDC worked on different aspects including: provide training and raise awareness, build the capacities of health professionals, provide health, nursing and counseling services, and peer education. Furthermore, in 1996, SIDC launched “Beit El Shabibe” center for drug users. This project was developed over the time, to be established in 2010, as an independent center for harm reduction that is called “Escale”.

In 1996, SIDC was the first association to work on developing and reforming the law on drugs abuse. In addition, in 1997, SIDC was the first association to launch community-based awareness programs that adopts peer to peer education, and field workers to introduce community interventions addressing drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men. In 2008, this program offers several services including counseling sessions and test services for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and Siphilis. The services were provided at a mobile unit that accompanies field workers. Till today, SIDC is well known as the pioneer on the national and regional level.

Actually, SIDC is working on HIV prevention and addressing risk behaviors associated with drugs usage, especially, drug injection and unsafe sex practices. Moreover, SIDC has developed different projects in relation to sexual and reproductive health such as: combating Hepatitis “B” and “C” and sexually transmitted infections. It is worth mentioning that SIDC has worked in different aspects to cover health service provision, training and advocacy for human rights, and developed several training modules, educational materials and tools for various interventions.








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